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Message from the Principal

student and teacher

Cougars Committed to Academic Excellence

  • With increasing focus on college and career readiness throughout the curriculum at Columbine, motivated leadership, and an influx of innovative, highly-qualified teachers, the school has seen growth in academic achievement and test scores that prove that Columbine is on the track to success for every student.

Leaping Toward the Future

  • We emphasize student voice and self-advocacy, and we connect student interests to rigorous content and real-world experiences. We have high expectations for our students. As our school shifts to an expeditionary learning curriculum fueled by access to technology and special programming, our goal is that all of our diverse learners are able to actualize their potential and graduate from Columbine ready with life skills for the next steps in their education, college and career!

 Enrichment Opportunities for College-Ready Students

  • Columbine offers a variety of enrichment opportunities that support socio-emotional development and academic growth in our students.
    • Our “Dialogue District” is a personalized-learning center within our school that provides space for  students to explore independent learning projects as well as innovative, technology-based small group activities in a friendly, open environment.
    • Students use i-Ready, an iPad-based math and literacy program, on a daily basis.
    • School partnership with Bringing Back the Arts allows students to create a social justice themed art project each semester, and students have the opportunity to display their work at a local gallery
    • Scholars Unlimited after-school tutoring and homework assistance programs afford students the opportunity to extend their learning beyond school hours.
    • Students who participate in our imaginarium summer program experience learning through a personalized, technology-enhanced and project-based instructional model.

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