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Genaro Mercado-Perea
ELA Resource



My name is Genaro Mercado Perea and I am from Mexico, born and raised in Zacatecas.
I teach English Language Acquisition here at Columbine.
I am a bilingual educator with more than 34 years classroom experience – 22 of those in bilingual and multicultural schools within Denver. I moved to Denver in 1993 after almost ten years of teaching in my home town, Ojocaliente, Zacatecas. I went to Metropolitan State College for two years before starting my teaching career at Denver Public Schools. My teaching adventures span the spectrum from kindergarten, to special education, gifted and talented, Spanish, and ELA.
I have a deep commitment to my students, their families, and their communities. I have volunteered as the lead for several extracurricular activities including the Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival. I have even had the honor of serving as the Shakespeare Festival’s Spanish language spokesperson with local media – appearing on television and radio news programs to promote the festival.
I am passionate about helping my students to grow their language skills, excel in the classroom, and become well rounded and engaged members of their communities.
I am proud to say that I not only teach at Columbine, but I also live in the neighborhood with my husband and our dog-child Bo.