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Andrew Nordstrom
Mild/Moderate Teacher


My name is Andrew Nordstrom and this is my third year working at Columbine Elementary School. I moved to Colorado in December of 2014 with my wife Michelle and our dog Rambo, from Chicago, IL. We recently added two additions to our family, including our son Brody and another boxer puppy named Roxy!

I have been working in special education for over 6 years. In December of 2014 I completed a master’s degree program in Special Education after realizing my passion for working with and teaching kids. Becoming a special education teacher has been one of the best decisions I have made and I could not imagine having a better career.

Working at Columbine has been an amazing experience for me. The students bring an incredible amount of energy into the building, and even on those days where I am exhausted coming into work, as soon as I enter the building and see our students, my mood changes for the best! Every day, I look forward to coming to work and making a difference in our student’s lives as one of their teachers at Columbine!