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Collaborative School Committee

January 24th, 2017

In attendance:

Laurel Pate, Jason Krause, Brad Riley, Becca Mendoza, Caitlin Caligiuri, Joe Ashley, Rachel Lewis, Rachelle Sontheimer, Dawn Salter, Kristina Riley, Heidi McClellan



Enrollment projections show an upward trajectory. Compared to other schools in the area, this is very positive. Low enrollment is a regional problem but things are looking up. Columbine is becoming a quality choice for the neighborhood.


In the walks with the community, there was a different response than 3 years ago. More open doors, more interest. Neighborhood families are becoming more open to idea of sending their children to Columbine.


Thanks to the 2016 bond, a new program is being funded that will affect all DPS buildings built prior to 2006. Jason will meet with Troy Garner to discuss the initial phase of enhancements. The money is for clear and tangible visually, undeniable enhancements.


Budgetary Decisions:

Reductions are so drastic.  The voting that was done will help to make some decisions but many factors still affect decisions.


At this point with our budget, the following positions need to be cut:

1 FTE educational counselor

1 FTE secretary

2 .5 interventions

1 FTE Mild moderate

1 FTE math facilitator

1 Assistant Principal

2 Math Fellows

.5 Visual Art

Social Worker.

Learn to Lead

Achievement Network Partnership

Reading Partners


Why was P.E. on the table? If we have a .5 P.E. that .5 would have to be dance. CSC members feel strongly that students have opportunities for movement, as much as possible.


In order to fund Library/tech position, Mill Levy funds have been used because it is slated towards tech. That does not have to be how the money is allocated. It could go for technology.


Are we out of money as far as tech from Imaginarium goes? We have another opportunity to asses our tech needs in May and Imaginarium may give us more money.


The other funding source we have for technology comes through Carmel hill. They match money we’ve spent on technology. Since we have spent much this year on tech, we may be looking at a bleak situation in regards to technology next year.


Hoping to recoup the following positions with budget assistance:


.5 Mild Moderate- may meet legal requirements by funding but his is not what is best for kids

.5 Reading intervention teacher (keeping in mind that we will have an early literacy Team Lead- .66% contact with intermediate reading intervention)

1 Assistant Principal


TLC Positions:

  • GRP Reading Interventionist and Early Grade Team Leads coupled with two Kinder .5


  • Math Lead role

Takes 4 current 4th and 5th grade positions and adds a .5


Pros: Strong sense of collaboration, strong use of resources, one teacher one content


3 Potential Scenarios were presented as options (with other possibilities for co-teaching)but will not be finalized until the team votes.


CSC and SLT – 1/10/17


In attendance: Dawn, Caitlin, Laurel, Kristina, Sally, Jose, Jason, Vanessa, Joe, Becca


Agenda Item Notes


EL We will be moving forward with the Expeditionary Learning school model


  • We were projected much higher and therefore funding will decrease
  • Jason has requested funding for an additional 25 student PLUS ML PASSING
  • We are still about $250-$400K short but we are in a better place than earlier in the budgeting process


Challenges for small schools
  • As we move forward when we look at budget assistance and staffing, there will be some leverage from most recent communication around support for small schools


2016 Mill Levy
  • Overall, schools with higher FRL, DC, and lower ELA proficiency are receiving more funding moving forward


SQR Focus
  • Focus on culture, rigor and effective instruction


Staffing for next year
  • SLT & CSC agreed that we need 2 teachers at each grade level
  • “Arts” is required
  • Dean of Culture and Music/Whole Child are funded differently so they will need to be considered differently should those positions be up for reduction
  • The only push against TNLI would be due to needing “S” qualified teachers in each grade
  • Kinder and ECE paras are required to be funded
  • Vanessa asked if the Mill Levy automatically funds arts and PE. We must have arts and PE but what that looks like is what needs to be determined


CSC Meeting Agenda 12/13/16

In attendance:

  • Laurel Pate-Math Facilitator ; CSC chair
  • Vanessa Medina-2nd Grade Teacher, Parent
  • Dawn Salter-Assistant Principal
  • Brad Riley-Behavior Coach
  • Sally Vizas-Heart and Hand Coordinator
  • Jose Castillo-Community Member, Parent Volunteer
  • Kristina Riley- Learn to Lead Resident

SLT Members Present:

  • Caitlin Caligiuri


  1. Introductions
  2. Purpose for SLT and CSC Combined: Earlier budget cycle and Staffing Cycle. More voices and perspectives as we talk about school priorities the better. The final budget consensus vote will only be CSC members

3. School Quality Review

  • Third party formative reviews to help schools capture what to work on
  • Columbine has had 3 in 4 years; this year was the best of the 3 and the reviews have gotten progressively better
  • Remarkable increase in domain of Instruction and Culture
    • High order thinking and assessment strategies are areas where the data collected is showing partially meeting and will guide our next steps
  • Culture has gone from “does not meet” to “meets”; The data used outside of observations to justify this growth was teacher, parent, and student interviews

4. Teacher Leadership and Collaboration:

  • We will have two Senior Team Leads moving forward
  • One for math and one for literacy to support our PD structure
  • The initial design was not approved because it focused on school programs rather than teacher caseloads
  • The cost of having more than two leads creates more challenges than benefits


5. School budget challenges

  • School choice continues to present a challenge for a school like Columbine with a small student population which is why recruitment will become leadership focus in January and February
  • There are less children in our boundary “closest” to Columbine. Many in our boundary reside on the periphery  and there are many other schools on the periphery of our boundary -see map below
  • The budget process has moved up from years past and will be earlier this year – 1/20/16
  • CSC/SLT meet – 1/10/17 and only CSC on 1/17/17 to discuss budget and positions for next year
  • SBB – we are funded per pupil – low-enrollment means low budget
  • We were projected at 307, in K-5 we currently have 205 students
  • Full time teachers are the largest expense so when enrollment is low, positions cannot be funded and we will need to reduce positions
  • We are losing a turnaround fund,cannot depend on current  budget assistance, and our enrollment dip will cost over $600k
  • Operating budget supplies – we will most likely have to cut some of our non-salary expenses that includes reading partners, iReady for literacy, Lightsail)
  • We still will have additional supplemental grant funding from Imaginarium, we have a cascading school improvement grant, we have money from Connect for Success, and tiered support for Dean of Instruction.
  • The first priority for us is 2 teachers per grade level because it was the work of the last two years to arrive at this structure. It was also the promise given to Barrett families and a benefit pitched of closing the school
    • Medina likes having two teachers at each grade level and the ability to platoon
    • Platooning allows for personalities to be broken up and for teachers to focus their work in one subject area
    • Having two grade level teachers promotes a “team” feeling with a partner at their grade level, even if they are not platooning – teachers can talk to their teammate to come up with solutions
    • Families feel students are better cared for with two adults communicating with them
    • Structure offers some proactive intervention in order to separate personalities when needed
    • Kids are learning how adults are interacting when there are two teachers at each grade level and they have more opportunity to start fresh in the afternoon
    • The performance decline at Columbine coincided with moving to one teacher at a grade level
  • We will meet on 1/10 and begin the prioritization process outside of two per grade level (which is NOT guaranteed given projections; rather a place to start where we have common agreement)

6. On Deck Principal Leadership Actions—see Map Below

  • On the ground “Tour de Columbine Community”
  • Tours, parent groups to support messaging, structuring school visits so visitors can see a larger slice of Columbine in a short amount of time
  • Expeditionary Learning Exploration-hear from community regarding long term fit
  • Jason will be focused on recruitment and work with FACE to look at our Building an Exceptional Columbine report and re-visit the 2014 visioning work as the four themes emerging there ties into a desire for an EL campus:
    • High Achievement
    • 21st Century Skills
    • School Culture
    • Community Engagement


CSC Meeting Agenda  11/15/16   

  1. Introduction
    1. CSC Members Present
      1. Laurel Pate-Math Facilitator ; CSC chair
      2. Vanessa Medina-2nd Grade Teacher, Parent
      3. Dawn Salter-Assistant Principal
      4. Brad Riley-Behavior Coach
      5. Sally Vizas-Heart and Hand Coordinator
      6. Jose Castillo-Community Member


  1. School Performance Framework
    1. One Year
    2. Strong Growth
    3. Implications for Practice

We have moved out of the bottom two tiers of the SPF up to yellow, accreditation on watch. Overall, our growth was meeting expectations (green). During  SPF rollout to staff, staff members decided what we need to keep in place from last year and what to put in place to address areas for growth. .

Keep in Place: instructional supports, guided reading plus, interventions

Put in Place: structures for parent involvement and parent voice, strategies to improve attendance

  1. School Quality Review
    1. Initial Feedback

        Culture is an area of strength for Columbine. Still need to work on the consistency of rigor   but we have the capacity in the building to get there.

  1. EL Education Conference
    1. Conference Review
    2. Next Steps-Exploration
    3. Leadership Implications

EL has designed principles of student achievement and learning which are in harmony with the previous visioning work with Building an Exceptional Columbine and Imaginarium School Design Work . The emphasis that EL has on three dimensions of student achievement: habits of character, mastery of content knowledge and high quality student work are structures that previous design thinking folds into well.  

  • BEC: Columbine Action Teams Following Visioning: 21st Century Skills, High Achievement, School Culture, Stakeholder and Community Involvement
  • Imaginarium Design Team: Our vision is to develop a proactive framework to personalize learning and support the whole child by integrating the 21st century technology, the arts, social and emotional curriculum and community assets. The work associated with this proposal will go beyond school improvement by focusing on the transformation of Columbine into an elementary school that eliminates all deficit thinking and exudes an atmosphere of forward thinking and moral consciousness.

Next Steps:

In January, Jason will put a lot of effort in reaching out to families and community partners in hopes to increase student enrollment and to build strategic relationships.  

  1. Academic Data
    1. ANET- Overview of student performance on A1 in Math and Literacy. Overall students are performing below the network in Literacy and above the network in Math.
    2. iStation- Of the students tested, 15% increase of students getting into Tier I and 7% decrease in students in Tier III.
    3. LightSail-Program on IPads used in 4th and 5th. Only 50% of students are actively reading. Part of the problem is the technology. Deciding whether or not to keep using the program. Anet data for the cohorts (4/5)  using the program was higher than those not.
    4. AR: K-3 independent reading program. In K and 1 all students are reading “Just Right Books” for 15-20 minutes daily. They will be able to quiz once they are in a
    5. Grades 2 & 3 will start quizzing after Thanksgiving break. 2nd and 3rd graders are reading 40 minutes daily.
  2. UIP
    1. Krause spoke to the disparities in achievement at Columbine between males and females. Continued focus on male students in data analysis and three UIP STrategies:

Unified Improvement Plan Strategies

      1. Major Improvement Strategy #1: We will organize systems and structures to allow for continuous progress monitoring cycles and focus extended planning time on data driven instruction and planning which supports professional learning around all tiers of instruction with specific attention paid to males
      2. Major Improvement Strategy #2: We will establish high quality first instruction school wide  in order to  align instruction to the rigor of the common core with specific attention paid to males
      3. Major Improvement Strategy #3:We will set and communicate high expectations for all students by fostering a school-wide belief that all students can learn and foster a relational, proactive and prevention-oriented culture with specific attention paid to males
  1. Engagement Data
    1. Attendance: We’ve been about 92.5%. This month attendance just dipped below last year’s mark.
    2. Suspension: Last year at this time we had 27 suspensions and this year we have 2.
  1. Next Steps//left unanswered:

Whole child survey. Where did the data for Columbine come from? How will we use the data?


CSC 9/20/16

School Recognition

We have a lot to celebrate!

Tomorrow we have a press conference hosted here.

We are being recognized as a school that promotes EQUITY.

  • Board member saw many appreciation of diversity and a focus on human rights and culture.
  • Board member saw high level of rigor an accountability
  • Goal to talk about the positive things happening here this year.


Expeditionary Learning Exploration and Conference

Having an enrollment of 200 is not a good situation.

Two ways to increase enrollment.

  • Data and best practices
  • Creating a model that is attractive to the community as a school of choice.


  • The Expeditionary Learning model may align well with the values, vision and structure at Columbine.
  • Our data and best practices have us on a clear upward trajectory and is allowing us to look towards phase II of Building our Exceptional Columbine
  • A group of teachers, (Ms. O, Ms. Salter, Ms. Mendoza, Mr. Krause) will go on a learning trip to Detroit to observe EL schools.

School Data

  • Other than Garden Place and UPrep, Columbine showed the most overall change in percentage on PARCC .
  • MGP’s came back for PARCC

You want MGP’s above 60%, preferably 70%

  • MGP’s 2015-2016

Math 53%- This was in large part to the huge math growth shown in 2014-2015

Literacy 47%-gap in our males and female performance with females significantly outperforming our males

Board of Education Recent Meetings: School Compact Policy

  • SPF- Comes out October 20th
  • SPF Prediction:

We should get out of orange and hopefully into top 3rd of yellow and Green for growth

  • SQR

We are required to have another SQR. We will NOT be up for recommendation for closure. Some schools will be recommended for “Accelerated Restarts”.

Kevin King will be present to help with the messaging

Additional Comments:

System of student support are working well so far. Teachers feel that students are being supported by the MTSS process.


Feels better in the school this year compared to last.


Back to School Night felt awesome. The turnout was much more than expected. The energy and excitement from parents and students was amazing.


How do we get more parent involvement? Bake sales? Conferences?


The change from morning recess to bright work is going well.