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Message from the Principal

Dear Columbine Community,


We are Cougar Strong.

As an EL school, we will deliberately plan and subsequently measure our success using three dimensions: Mastery of Knowledge and Skills, High Quality Work and Habits of Character.

We are locked into our core values of LEAP.




Positive Mindset


Overall, Columbine continues on an upward trajectory.  For the fifth year in a row, Columbine students’ academic growth were rated as met or exceeds in math and literacy. This year, our relative strength area was in our early literacy gains. We have again exceeded district expectations in moving our below grade level and significantly below grade level readers into higher reading tiers in grades K-3! Students earning on grade level results has increased as well from under 40% two years ago to nearly 60% this year! On the whole child side, in grades 3-5, 95% of students reported an increase this school year regarding themselves having a strong sense of belonging at Columbine and 98% reported they have grown in their self-efficacy and growth mindset; with 99% reporting children and the school demonstrate strong respect for the diversity here at Columbine!

Our partnership with EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) is in go mode!  One goal of our WorkPlan is implementation of EL Education’s English and Language Arts curriculum school wide. In addition to the professional development work provided through our school designer, we secured a grant to purchase student consumables and materials for this curriculum as well as funded our Dean of Instruction to support our EL rollout.

Below are the topics of study by module  for students in kindergarten-5th grade.  Keep your ears open for anyone who could provide our students access to field work or expertise in the areas of their study and let me know if you have a lead by emailing me,

  • Kindergarten: Toys and Play, Weather Wonders, Trees are Alive and Appreciated
  • 1st and 2nd Grade: Schools and the Community, Fossils Tell of Earth’s Changes, The Secret World of Pollination
  • 3rd and 4th Grade: Poetry, Poets and Becoming Writers, Animal Defense Mechanisms, The American Revolution, Responding to Inequality: Ratifying the 19th Amendment
  • 5th Grade: Stories of Human Rights, Biodiversity in the Rainforest, Athlete Leaders of Social Change, The Impact of Natural Disasters


We are excited to continue in our journey together! At Columbine, we support students to ascend towards a bright future. As we LEAP towards the stars, we become Leaders of our own learning, show Empathy toward others, keep Ambitious goals for ourselves, and approach challenges with a Positive mindset.


Together we roar!