May 02

Building an Exceptional Columbine

Dear Parents of Columbine Elementary School:

I am delighted and eager to serve the community of Columbine as the new director of Columbine Elementary School.

The weekend of May 30 to June 1 marked a key milestone for the Columbine community, as it takes building out our session: Building a Better Columbine Elementary. This process helps the community of Columbine find a common basis for the future.

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Sep 01

Parent Teacher Home Visit Program

Columbine is pleased to announce a new program were teachers can visit your home. Please read the pdf below to learn more about the program

PDF: English

Jan 17

New Security Policy for Columbine Elementary!

Hello Everyone,

After recent events in our public schools, DPS Safety and Security department has made some updates to our security policy.  Our new updates include the following:

  1. Visitors must enter through the main door.
  2.  All school doors will be locked during the day. All visitors are required to use the intercom system.
  3. Visitors will be asked for their name and reason for their visit through the intercom before the door is opened.
  4. All visitors need to come to the main office to sign in and get a visitor identification badge/sticker that must be displayed at all times while in the building.  If a visitor does not have a badge/sticker, he/she will be asked to get one from the main office.
For more information please contact the main office at 720-424-8510.